Words from the Woods Feb 2015

11 February 2015

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QUESTION OF THE MONTH...what is in the picture on the right? (Orange chainsaw helmet for scale) - Answer at the bottom of newsletter!

Full Cycle Project

Gareth's vision for this project came a few years ago so we are really excited to have partnered with Rusland Horizons and Mosaic to make it a reality. Working with young people from Ulverston and Barrow the project starts in winter cutting coppice wood; in spring taking a portion of that wood and converting it to charcoal; summer sees the building and use of a primitive forge to produce simple tools that the young people will temper and sharpen. In autumn these tools will be used to produce hand crafted greenwood items.

Full Cycle involves connecting people to woodlands in a way that develops skills, understanding and appreciation of the relationship between natural habitats and human needs whilst linking the present with the past.

If you know any young people between 16-25yrs who would like to get involved please text Clare Dyson from Mosaic on 07972 630 156

New format for Woodland Explorer summer camp!

We're really looking forward to this year's woodland explorer. Its going to be fully residential for the the first time with the young people building their own shelters to sleep in.The days will be an inspiring mix of bushcraft, greenwood carving, fire lighting, natural arts and crafts, woodland games, storytelling, adventure and sleeping out under the stars.
Tues 1st - Thurs 3rd Sept 20158 - 14 yr olds
(no grown ups allowed (except us of course!))

Stone Age to Iron Age 

We've been busy developing some Stone Age to Iron Age sessions in partnership with local schools to link in with the new KS2 curriculum. The sessions will be an inspiring, authentic, hands on experience. Children will discover how people lived, learn core skills and experiment with techniques from the era. Click here for more info

Tree Whisperers        

 We're continuing to work with this fantastic project in Eden exploring trees and climate change. They've created a fun cartoon film great for explaining why trees are so important. Even if you haven't got kids its fun to watch!  Click here for Jim's Tree Notebook cartoon (under the Information tab) illustrated by Colin Shelbourn

Woodmatters courses coming up...  

Living Willow Care and Willow Making Workshop Tuesday 10th March (pm)

Scandinavian Shrink Pot Carving Friday 13th March

Bench and Stool Making Friday 20th March

Make your own Shave Horse Wed 25th March (eve)

Bowl Carving Thurs 16th April

Bench and Stool Making Friday 24th April

Low Canopy Hammock Camp Sat 25th April - Sun 26th April 

Canopy Camp Extreme (treetop hammocks) May 1st - 2nd/ 2nd -3rd / 3rd-4th 

Family Bushcraft Camping Course Sat 9th May - Sun 10th May

Spoon Carving Beginners Wed 20th May

Cumbria Woodlands Events coming... 

Practical Coppicing Wednesday 25th February
Charcoal Making Friday 27th February
Forestry and Wood Fuel Fair - Saturday 28th February, 10am-4pm, Halecat House, Witherslack. Free.
Bats and Trees Awareness Course 5th March 2015

Running a Social Action Woodland Group from Common Ground Cinema on Vimeo.


An interesting film about community food growing on Wed 25th FEBRUARY
Ever thought about where our food comes from? Would you like to get involved in growing food locally? Then go to the slacc tt screening of the inspirational film “Voices in Transition”

7pm Queen Katherine School “The Cube”, Kendal. LA9 6PJ
COST: £3 (£2 unwaged)

Wine & local beer available to purchase.


'Spoon Making in Low Park Wood' written by Frances Astor inspired by a days spoon carving with Gareth

We call, whistle, coo

shuffling leaves,

swirling and scuffing

dried mud

but silence only
meets our play.


channels diagonally

from sunken earth fire,

hot brews


Parched soils
work their best

holding up trees

with microbes
spinning change
pulsing connections

our primordial ancestors

ourselves, future proofing
as they do

while we
chisel peacefully

making lime wood spoons

sitting on stump logs.

                                              Frances Astor

Question of the Month Answer:

Old rabbit trap along a wall on Whitbarrow. The trap would have been covered so the rabbits would get used to running through the hole in the wall. Then the covering would be removed and the rabbits would run their normal escape route and fall into the hole. 

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