Bushcraft Adventures

Explore the outdoor environment and learn the essentials of survival, using natural materials, fire lighting and an understanding of the woodland system. Age appropriate projects will give each child something to take home with them.

Session outline

After arrival, we will “tune in” to the natural environment so that we can use our senses and better connect to the surroundings. The group will then discuss needs and wants and discuss the differences. This will lead into sessions around fire lighting, food and a green wood project inspired by the needs that they have identified earlier in the day. We will use a woodland base or the Footprint for part of the day and we will be walking and exploring in the woods for other parts.

Curriculum links

Standard Primary Curriculum areas covered: Speaking and Listening; Geometry and Measures; Biology; Chemistry; British History; Design and Technology; Physical Education; Geography (navigation) and Modern Languages (through storytelling).

The detail and level will be adapted to be age appropriate. In addition, pupils will develop their team working and communication skills. All sessions are designed with holistic learning in mind and aim to develop the heart, head and hand. A culture of care and respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment are encouraged throughout.

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"Thanks for such a wonderful and informative day yesterday. The children loved it all and it was fantastic to see them getting so hands on. Your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm is brilliant. Exactly what we needed to inspire the children in our Stone Age topic."