Blossom Together

In Partnership with National Trust Footprint. Blossom Together is a multi-year national programme and campaign that’s all about embedding blossom season as a time in the year for us to celebrate and reflect, connect with nature, culture and each other.

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Working with National Trust Footprint, local children and school groups have studied blossom trees and learnt how to harvest and prepare seeds for propagation. The seeds will be propagated both locally at National Trust Footprint, Windermere and have also been sent to the Central National Trust Propagation Centre to be grown on in controlled environments to enhance the survival chances of the seed bank.

The 'May Tree' at Footprint is one of several individual specimen trees that have been selected to harvest from. A beautiful old Hawthorn which has brought joy to many over decades with its springtime show of blossom laden branches. Now getting beyond its prime we hope to ensure its genetic seed bank is supported in propagating some of its offspring to act as a legacy to this 'old friend' of St Catherine's.