Nature Therapy Camp

A chance to dedicate time and space to reflect and identify what matters to you and how to integrate that into your life. This weekend camp will include a combination of reflective and practical sessions, shared meals, campfires, an optional solo overnight hammock camp and a chance to deepen your understanding of self and your interrelationship with nature.

Lake windermere

18yrs plus

I just wanted to let you know how much Steve and I and the children enjoyed our two days in the woods with you. It was all and more than we hoped for and full credit to you both for having such a fantastic concept and creating it so beautifully. I wandered to walk this morning by the riverside looking at the trees and trying to see if I could recognise them - I'm certainly more aware but still have some way to go but hank you for what you did manage to teach me! Once again - thanks you so very very much!