Litter Monster Project

The project is focussed on inspiring children and local people to take personal responsibility for improving the health of their local aquatic ecosystems. “Who is the Litter Monster?”

This question has inspired 80 children - from Appleby Primary School, Petteril Bank Community School and Rockcliffe CE School - to create this installation.

Working with artists from Woodmatters, Rag Tag Arts and Gorgeous Media, the children have immersed themselves in the multifaceted study of litter and the aquatic environment.

The children have been:

Explorers…studying wildlife and habitats of Eden’s rivers

Environmentalists… actively litter picking their local stretch of river

Scientists… analysing the types of litter they found and investigating materials, degradation times and impacts on nature

Creative Artists… using a broad range of creative techniques to create wondrous works of art from litter

Film-makers…filming and producing their own litter monster animations

Educators…discussing and developing ideas to share as the interpretation of the exhibition



Watch the short film below for the full story...

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