Crisp and Beautiful Apple Day at Acorn Bank

14th October 2012

We had a fantastic day up at the National Trust's Acorn Bank demonstrating spoon carving to the several thousand people who came and enjoyed the brilliantly organised Apple Day and lovely sunshine!

Woodmatters were demonstrating spoon carving and selling spoons. Most popular was people buying spoons carved there and then by Gareth so they could see a log transform into something useful and beautiful. Nowadays we are often so distanced from how and from where things are made that there is something very grounding about seeing a log gets turned into an everyday object before your eyes.

As well as the greenwood carving there were lots of apple-y things to do, music to listen to, games to play including the apple bowling alley!

Thanks to Chris, Sara, Kelley and team from the National Trust for a great day.

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