Living Willow at RSPB

18th March 2014

We've been having fun with various school creating beautiful willow and hazel structures at Leighton Moss.

We've built a wavy bird hide screen in front of the bird feeders which incorporates a domed bay so that wheelchair users can get right up close to the feeding stations. The schools worked really hard to help create a wiggling willow tunnel which gets smaller at the end so only children and not the grown-ups can get all the way through!

The final part of the project was a hazel dome to go over the pondlife viewing area in the garden. Its function as well as looking nice is to keep the ducks from waddling and flying into the pond so that the water stays nice and clear for people to be able to view the myriad of pond life living beneath the water.

Leighton tunnelLeighton tunnel 2leighton tunnel 3