Words from the Woods May 2015

20th May 2015

The bluebells have been amazing in the last few weeks while we've been enjoying lots of woodland camps with families and local schools, in hammocks and under shelters. If you fancy spending a night in the woods get in touch... best wishes Gareth and Ro

Lakes Journey

We're really excited to be partnering with Mosaic again for another exciting project combining a physical and adventurous journey with film making, archaeology, philosophy and enquiry. The project will culminate with a group of young people aged 16-25yrs from the West coast of Cumbria journeying for 5 days through the fells on foot, canoe and with pack horses. If you know young people who'd like join us contact Clare 07968786985.

Weekend in the Woods

Spoons, chairs, gates, tool sheaths, tool fettling and baskets were all created over the fantastic weekend organised by the Coppice Association. Well done to everyone for all the hard work involved and to the brilliant tutors. Details for the Woodland Pioneers in September will be out soon.


Our friends Brian Fereday and Fiona Clucas have just published this wonderful book of poems and illustrations. Here is a poem from the book.


Beautiful chaos here.
I love you Westmorland orchards
Trees there
Form full and formless
Damson, apple, plum
Touched by senescence
Or the bright flush of youth.
Nameless varieties
Favourite varieties
Sources of fruit and firewood
Where sheep may safely graze
Amongst blossom as white as lambswool
Goldfinch nests on swaying branches
Crows on sweetest fruit
Hedges, walls and fences
As diverse as the people
From generations past and present
Respect for human endeavour
Working the land.
Asking the unanswerable question
What to do with the big tree
That one “that never has anything on it”
Let her remain.

You can buy their book from Sizergh Barn for £15

The Footprint Project

Back in 2006 when Gareth was the Education officer for the National Trust at St Catherine's we were involved in an amazing project to build the strawbale Footprint building. Nine years on we are so happy to still be involved and run our courses and school sessions in such a special place alongside lots of other great stuff going on there.

Fell ponies working for the national park
Working fell ponies