Environmental Arts Days/ Projects

Create beautiful things to take back to school whilst exploring the ecosystem of the woodland habitat... We also love working with schools over a longer period, being involved in art projects, interpreting environmental awareness, habitat, ecology and sustainability. Get in touch to discuss any project ideas.

One Day Workshop

Themed around the animal kingdom with a mix of green woodwork, tool use, charcoal making and drawing techniques, play with clay and also a hands-on investigation of UK mammal skull collection and bird feathers. You take home a giant wooden sculpture for your school grounds, plus each child takes home their own artwork and charcoal made.

  • Invertebrates: Collaborative wood sculpture of a giant millipede to take back to school, investigate the structure of the various minibeasts that live in the woods
  • Birds: Charcoal making, feather and wing structure investigation followed by charcoal techniques to create bird themed drawings
  • Mammals: Skull identification of UK mammals including teeth structure of different animal groups. Comparing with bird skulls.
  • Clay based natural creations: Using the natural resources of the woodland, children learn about the key identifying features of the different animal groups and interpret them into clay
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Examples of longer-term projects:

Litter Monster Project

In partnership with Eden Rivers Trust and Tullie House Carlisle

Children from three Eden schools immersed themselves in the multifaceted study of litter and the aquatic environment culminating in a thought provoking dramatically visual multimedia exhibit which formed the central piece of the Eden Wonder World Exhibition at Tullie House (June - Sept 2018)

The children have been:

  • Explorers…studying wildlife and habitats of Eden’s rivers
  • Environmentalists… actively litter picking their local stretch of river
  • Scientists… analysing the types of litter they found and investigating materials, degradation times and impacts on nature
  • Creative Artists… using a broad range of creative techniques to create wondrous works of art from litter
  • Film-makers…filming and producing their own litter monster animations
  • Educators…discussing and developing ideas to share as the interpretation of this exhibition

Natural Footprints Project

St Cuthberts Primary Windermere

A multi-year project nurturing a deepening of connection with natural woodland at National Trust Footprint. Exploring and creating wonderous collaborative sculptures to take back to school...giant centipede, woven nests, the parliament of wooden owls, green man, giant trees...

Foulshaw Moss - Aren't Bogs Brilliant

In partnership with RSPB, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Morecambe Bay Local Nature Partnership.

The children from Dean Barwick Primary in Witherslack worked Woodmatters and staff from the RSPB to study the plants and animals that make Foulshaw Moss such a special environment.

Inspired by what they discovered they created a wonderful ’Aren’t Bogs Brilliant!’ Art Trail through the mediums of sculpture, willow work, using natural materials, printmaking and painting. The arts trail was open to the public along the boardwalks at Foulshaw Moss for 3 months.

Experience the River Project

In partnership with South Cumbria Rivers Trust

River ecology, river dipping finding loads of brilliant creatures in the rivers local to each of the schools we worked with. We then collated everything we've discovered into a giant multimedia hanging artwork using river water, making our own natural dyes, using stones, sticks and leaves and printmaking from our sketches of the creatures we discovered.

"I just wanted to thank you again for our Bushcraft Camp this week. It was just brilliant- it was so wonderful to see the children enjoying every single part of the camp and taking risks that they'd never otherwise have taken at this age. The new location is great- they loved being able to explore the area. I am always nervous about how the children will react to sleeping away from their parents for the first time, but I think the combination of the excitement about the activities and the atmosphere that you create seems to override all their worries. It has been the highlight of my school year and I'm sure it has been the highlight of theirs! Especially with the new 'rigorous' testing and standards that have been introduced this year, I was feeling a bit disheartened with it all, but this made me feel like we had provided the children with a genuine and meaningful learning experience."

Class teacher Year 2