FREE Schools Wildlife Survey Lending Kit

As part of Orin's Bioblitz project he received funding from the Environmental Youth Action Fund by Green Futures through Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and Our Bright Future.

The equipment purchased with the grant is now available for local schools to borrow to enable them to carry out wildlife surveys on their school grounds.

Kit includes:

  • Range of FSC Wildlife keys and guides
  • Sampling trays and collecting equipment
  • Nets
  • Moth Trap
  • Footprint Tunnels
  • Binoculars
  • Eye Lens's
  • Bat Detectors
  • Wildlife Camera (site specific)
IMG 0493

I have sat down a few times trying to write an email to you both, but found it hard to find the words to show my gratitude for all your wonderful care and hard work you put into our brilliant camp.

Your care and kindness was amazing, you made the whole experience special and wonderful for us all. The pupils loved every second and were so proud of their achievements in the woods. They came alive in a woodland environment, they were happy and fully engaged in everything you provided. The parents have told me how much their children enjoyed their woodland camp and I really feel it is something every child should do.
Your organisation was just brilliant, seamlessly from one activity to another, the resources, activities, food and everything was just remarkable. All the teachers were blown away.

Thank you so very much again. I am booking my family in for the family woodland camp in May and our pupils back in next July.

Year 3 Class Teacher