Natural Connections

A day of exploring and deepening connection to our natural world and our place within it. Connecting emotionally by awakening your senses and awareness using games and exploration. Discovering the wonderful biodiversity around us. Stream life, insects, tree and plant ID, Animal Tracking.

We will use survey equipment to identify some of the wide ranging animals and plants that live in the woodland habitat and have a chance to explore our natural history specimen collection of skulls and animal sign. The day will be interspersed with fun interactive activities aimed at expanding our awareness of the ecosystem and our place within it.

Spending time exploring and truly 'being' in a natural space enables us all to gain a deeper understanding, connection and well-being. It is our hope that with knowledge and understanding of what lives alongside us, we will all be more passionate about protecting it

Linking in with curriculum science topics for KS1 and KS2

  • Living things - plants and animals
  • Habitat
  • Food Chains
  • Identifying and Classifying
  • Using Identification keys

The detail and level will be adapted to be age appropriate. All sessions are designed with holistic learning in mind and aim to develop the heart, head and hand. A culture of care and respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment are encouraged throughout.

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"I just wanted to send an email to say a huge thank you for 3 wonderful Stone Age Days which have been fantastic and have really supported our History teaching. I have been teaching for almost 14 years now and I have never had staff come in and talk so enthusiastically and positively about a school trip. Your resources, delivery and support for the children is exceptional. Thank you for battling with the weather, the boggy ground and Covid; it was so lovely to be able to get the children out of the four walls of the classroom and take part in some hands on learning."

"Thanks for such a wonderful and informative day yesterday. The children loved it all and it was fantastic to see them getting so hands on. Your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm is brilliant. Exactly what we needed to inspire the children in our Stone Age topic."