Natural Connections

A day of exploring and deepening connection to our natural world and our place within it. Connecting emotionally by awakening your senses and awareness using games and exploration. Discovering the wonderful biodiversity around us. Stream life, insects, tree and plant ID, Animal Tracking.

We will use survey equipment to identify some of the wide ranging animals and plants that live in the woodland habitat and have a chance to explore our natural history specimen collection of skulls and animal sign. The day will be interspersed with fun interactive activities aimed at expanding our awareness of the ecosystem and our place within it.

Spending time exploring and truly 'being' in a natural space enables us all to gain a deeper understanding, connection and well-being. It is our hope that with knowledge and understanding of what lives alongside us, we will all be more passionate about protecting it

Linking in with curriculum science topics for KS1 and KS2

  • Living things - plants and animals
  • Habitat
  • Food Chains
  • Identifying and Classifying
  • Using Identification keys

The detail and level will be adapted to be age appropriate. All sessions are designed with holistic learning in mind and aim to develop the heart, head and hand. A culture of care and respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment are encouraged throughout.

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I have sat down a few times trying to write an email to you both, but found it hard to find the words to show my gratitude for all your wonderful care and hard work you put into our brilliant camp.

Your care and kindness was amazing, you made the whole experience special and wonderful for us all. The pupils loved every second and were so proud of their achievements in the woods. They came alive in a woodland environment, they were happy and fully engaged in everything you provided. The parents have told me how much their children enjoyed their woodland camp and I really feel it is something every child should do.
Your organisation was just brilliant, seamlessly from one activity to another, the resources, activities, food and everything was just remarkable. All the teachers were blown away.

Thank you so very much again. I am booking my family in for the family woodland camp in May and our pupils back in next July.

Year 3 Class Teacher