Natural Connections

Learn more about the plants and animals around us and our connection to them. Awaken your senses and awareness using games and exploration. Develop your thoughts, emotions, communication and social skills through an enquiry / P4C approach.

Session outline

Identifying and recognising different trees and plants will introduce the group to what is around them. After some wide-ranging exploration of what is in the environment, we will focus on trees and how they work. This will eventually act as a stimulus for a group-wide discussion using the Philosophy for Children (P4C) model. We will use a woodland base or the Footprint for part of the day and we will be walking and exploring in the woods for other parts.

Curriculum links

Standard Primary Curriculum areas covered: Biology; Chemistry; Speaking and Listening; Reading (debate); Physical Education; Writing; Modern Language; Education and Geography (recording).

The detail and level will be adapted to be age appropriate. In addition, pupils will develop their team working and communication skills. All sessions are designed with holistic learning in mind and aim to develop the heart, head and hand. A culture of care and respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment are encouraged throughout.

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"I just wanted to thank you again for our Bushcraft Camp this week. It was just brilliant- it was so wonderful to see the children enjoying every single part of the camp and taking risks that they'd never otherwise have taken at this age. The new location is great- they loved being able to explore the area. I am always nervous about how the children will react to sleeping away from their parents for the first time, but I think the combination of the excitement about the activities and the atmosphere that you create seems to override all their worries. It has been the highlight of my school year and I'm sure it has been the highlight of theirs! Especially with the new 'rigorous' testing and standards that have been introduced this year, I was feeling a bit disheartened with it all, but this made me feel like we had provided the children with a genuine and meaningful learning experience."

Class teacher Year 2