Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Authentic and innovative hands-on day linked with the KS2 curriculum. Train to be a Viking warrior, cast your own Saxon coin, create a quill and natural ink and decipher ancient runes, discover techniques to weave natural wools.

We start the session with an interactive potted history of the Anglo Saxon and Viking era to put the activities in context. We use our display of artefacts to help tell the story.

We then move on to hands on sessions learning the skills that would have been needed during the Anglo Saxon and Viking times.

Weapons Training

Learn weaponry skills and Viking drill commands, including techniques for creating a shield wall and spear and axe manoeuvres. This session will be taught using replica wooden weapons.

Cast your own Saxon or Viking Coin

Learn about the role money played during Anglo Saxon and Viking times. Each child will design their own coin, create a mould and cast their own small coin to take home.


Explore the art of weaving for clothing, blankets and baskets. The class will work in small groups to experiment with weaving techniques.

Ancient Writing

Discover how writing played a part in this period of history and what we can learn from the written evidence of the time. Each child will make their own writing quill from a feather. Work together to decipher the runes to gain the knowledge you'll need to make your own ink.

We look forward to travelling back in time with you!

"Can I say a big thank you for delivering such an informative and creative workshop last week. The children had a super day and learnt loads. Lots of positive feedback from both pupils and parents." Class teacher Burton Morewood Primary

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"I wanted to say an enormous thank you on behalf of us, the children and their families for the wonderful history session you gave them. As ever, it couldn't have been more perfectly pitched or delivered; the children learned (and reinforced existing learning from this term) effortlessly with a lot of fun. You guys are something else in the way you weave stories, facts and practical skills with such flair and grace. You're "Two in a million!"