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30 July 2017

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Many of you know that we're excited to be going on our long awaited family sabbatical to South East Asia until christmas. There will still be lots of exciting things happening in the woods. James Mitchell will be running bowl, bench and spoon carving courses and Debs Fletcher will be running the stone age sessions for schools. We'll be back and raring to go at christmas with Woodshare, coppicing, greenwood courses, school sessions and firewood. See below for how to book things while we are away ... . best wishes Gareth and Ro

Question of the Month...what is this picture on the top right? (Answer at the bottom of newsletter!)

Footprint Celebration

Its 10 years since the National Trust's Strawbale Footprint was created and the team at Footprint put on a great weekend to celebrate

Its a place very close to our hearts having been intrinsically involved in the project from day one when Gareth worked for the NT. Footprint continues to offer the opportunity for so many to deepen their connections and understanding of Nature and themselves
Foot stomping cob for the new earth oven, music, yoga, singing, and eating yummy food from the campfire cafe. Also created was a cross section of a traditional Earthburn on a historical charcoal pitstead in the woods...a nice connection with the past. 

CLICK HERE for the TIMELAPSE footage of the original build (March 06 - April 07). Over 300 volunteers, trainees, builders and staff were involved aged 4yrs to 80yrs!

Owls have come to roost!

The kids at St Cuthberts created 20 flying wooden owls with us in the woods at Footprint and they've now come to roost at school. Its been great forming such a strong link between St Cuthberts and Footprint over the last year...more fun to be had next year

Giant centipedes multiply!

Hawkshead school ended up with a giant centipede climbing one of their playground trees following their camp eve at the end of term. Hope it behaves itself over the summer..

Woodland Crafts and Tales Weekend

A great weekend was had at Stott Park Bobbin Mill as part of Rusland Horizons at the end of June. Traditional woodland skills, swill basketry, beam hewing. CANW organised a traditional Earth Charcoal burn. We ran some greenwood kitchenware and stool workshops and Taffy told some great tales. Well done Clare D for all your hard work

New Woodland Explorer Film

We're excited to have been working with Dom Bush from Land and Sky Media to capture the magic of Woodland Explorer on film. CLICK HERE TO WATCH (2.5mins).Three unforgettable days for 8- 14 year olds living wild in the woods sleeping in their own self built shelters from sticks and tarps. Next courses May 2018.

Greenwood Carving in Autumn

James Mitchel will be running Bowl, Spoon and Bench making courses while we're away this autumn.
Saturday 14th Oct Bowl Carving £60
Saturday 11th November Bench Making - FULL
Saturday 2nd Dec Spoon Carving - £60
All courses at Footprint with more dates in 2018

To book: debbie.riviere@nationaltrust.org.uk 015394 88409

Woodshare and Firewood

Woodshare Scheme - the membership is full for winter 2017-2018. If you would like to go on the waiting list please emailgarethandro@woodmatters.org.uk

Firewood - we will be delivering firewood from Jan 2018

Cumbria Woodlands Courses

Introduction to Woodlands Management 10-11 Oct 17 - Central Lakes £160

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross Cut and Felling Small Trees 16-20 Oct 17 - South Lakes £735

••• NEW ••• Tool Sharpening for Greenwoodworking and Forestry 22 Oct - St Johns in the Vale £95

Bats and Trees 6 Nov 17 - South Lakes £95

Outdoor First Aid + Forestry 20-21 Nov 17 - North Lakes £120

Click here for more info

Sprouting Willow

All our living willow projects from last year are sprouting into life, its so satisfying to see the bright green shoots appear. You can go and play in the one pictured at Bankground and enjoy some yummy cakes too.

Click here for more images

Woodmatters contact while Gareth and Ro are away

To book Courses and School sessions please email Debbie or Debs (see contact details below)
Between August 1st 2017 - 20th Dec 2017 Gareth and Ro will be abroad (on a family adventure) and we'll not be answering our emails or phones
Debbie and Debs will be happy to book you in for courses while we're away
Greenwood Carving Courses - debbie.riviere@nationaltrust.org.uk 015394 88409

Stone Age to Iron Age School Sessions and Living Willow Structures - debs.fletcher@hotmail.co.uk 07905 685 880

Other School Sessions, School Camps, Bushcraft / Woodland Camps - debbie.riviere@nationaltrust.org.uk 015394 88409

Anything else send us an email and we will reply in Jan 2018 best wishes Gareth and Ro


Summertime, Heversham Marsh by Brian Fereday
Herbage yields gently
Harmless breeze on the Marsh.
Yellowing seedheads, plumes of meadowsweet,
Perfumes of high summer.

Hedges sigh and whisper,
Filtering goodness from the wind
Leaves toy contentedly with light,
All shades of green.

Swallows rising on the wind,
Rejoice at the sun.
Denizens of the deep hedge,
Perch warily on exposed branches.

A man with a dog.
Senses warmth on his face,
Inhales the sea travelled air,
Returns the contented grin from his companion.

by Brian Fereday (more amazing poems by Brian alongside wonderful paintings by Fiona Clucas can be found in their book Homeground)

Question of the Month Answer:

The photo at the top is of a Hazel (Corylus avellana) female flower. They are amazing to see in Spring...so tiny and easy to miss. Even more beautiful if you have a hand lens with you.